Olympic Coach 

   International Roster


   Olympic Games and World Series focused

   Location: World wide- Following the World Triathlon & Olympic Qualification race circuit

   🇺🇸  USA Olympic Committee - 2019 Elite National Coach of the Year (USA Triathlon)

   🇺🇸  USA Olympic Committee - 2019 Olympic Coach of the Year Nominee

   🇺🇸  USA Olympic Committee - 2018 Elite National Coach of the Year (USA Triathlon)

   🇺🇸  USA Olympic Committee - 2016 Elite Development Coach of the Year (USA Triathlon)

   British Triathlon Level III Coach

   USA Triathlon Level II Elite Coach (ITU specific coach educator and mentor)


Historic titles & awards:

   🥇2019 Pan American Games Gold

   🥈2019 Pan American Games Silver

   XXI Commonwealth Games Coach | Gold Coast 2018

   2021 Tokyo Olympic Games Multiple athletes 

   50+ ITU Triathlon podiums 🥇🥈🥉

   ITU World Cups - multiple podiums
   ITU World Triathlon Series - multiple podiums
   ITU World Triathlon Grand Final  -  multiple top 15 finishes

   ITU Triathlon Junior Elite World Champion
   ITU America's Continental Champion
  ITU African Continental Champion

   🇺🇸 Multiple USA Elite Mens National Champions
   🇺🇸 Multiple USA U23 Elite Mens National Champions
   🇺🇸 Multiple USA Elite athlete of the year
   🇺🇸 Multiple USA Junior Elite National Champions
   🇺🇸 Multiple USA Collegiate National Champions
   🇺🇸 Multiple USA High School  National Champions
   🇺🇸 Multiple USOC (Triathlon) Coach of the Year Awards
   🇺🇸 Multiple USA Junior Elite athletes of the year

   🇧🇷 Brazil Elite National Champion

   🇧🇷 Brazilian Olympic Committee Athlete of the year


    Multiple ITU 'Best of' Honorable mentions



Ian O'Brien | Founder and Head Coach

Ian OBrien Coaching | ORIGIN Performance Squad


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This does not form any official endorsement from our athletes past or present. It is a reflection of the facts. 

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