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ORIGIN Performance LLC Terms and Conditions
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ORIGIN Performance Terms and conditions


Athlete Acknowledgement of Risk, Release of Liability and Agreement

By participating in the Origin Performance LLC, Origin Performance ITU Triathlon Training Group, Origin Performance Training Systems programs and

related activities (collectively Training and all associated services) being fully aware that the Training

and racing involves risks.

I agree and accept all the risks of participating in the Training, even if they are created by the

carelessness or negligence of a Released Party or anyone else. Risks of the training include, without

limitation, risks of bicycling, running, swimming, triathlon, duathlon, physical exertion, bicycle fitting,

training and competing in large groups of people where a person may be knocked down and fallen on,

motor vehicles, and road and surface conditions. Additional risks are described on the accompanying

List of Possible Hazards. I know there are other risks too that are not listed and I accept them too.

I fully release, discharge and waive any Claims I may have, now or in the future, against the Released

Parties, even if Claims are based on the carelessness or negligence of a Released Party or anyone

else. ("Claims" as used in this document means any and all liabilities, claims, demands, legal actions,

and rights of action for damages, personal injury or death, which are related to or in any way

connected with my participation in the Training, which I or my heirs or personal representative could

make. "Released Parties" as used in this document means Origin Performance LLC, Origin

Performance Training Systems, its Managers, Members, Officers, employees, consultants and

agents, coaches, associate coaches and employees and agents of associate coaches).

I agree not to sue Released Parties for Claims, even if the Claims arise from the carelessness or

negligence of a Released Party or anyone else. I agree to indemnify (reimburse for any loss) and hold

harmless each Released Party, from any loss or liability (including any reasonable attorneys fees they

may incur) defending any Claim made by me or by anyone making a Claim on my behalf, even if the

Claim is alleged to or did result from the carelessness or negligence of a Released Party or anyone


I am aware that there is no obligation for any person to provide me with medical care during the

Training. If medical care is rendered to me, I consent to that care if I am unable to give my consent for

any reason at the time that the care is rendered. I am aware that it is advisable to consult a physician

prior to participating in the Training. If I have consulted one, I have taken the physician's advice.

I grant my permission to Origin Performance LLC, Origin Performance Training Systems and of its

transferees and licensees, to utilize any photographs, motion pictures, videotapes, recordings and any

other references or records of the Training which may depict, record, or refer to me for any purpose,

including commercial use, by Performance Coaching, its sponsors, associate coaches and their


I agree to abide by the rules of Origin Performance LLC, Origin Performance Training Systems in any

of its programs, sessions or activities. I acknowledge that, if I violate any of these rules, I may be

removed from the team, and the permission for me to participate in its programs, sessions or activities

may be withdrawn by representatives of Origin Performance LLC, Origin Performance Training

Systems. Others may violate the rules of Origin Performance LLC, Origin Performance Training

Systems, adding to the risks of participation. No warranties have been made to me about the

Training, programs, sessions or activities.

I allow the past, present and future use of all media, likeness, photographs, publications, video media and alike to be used without restriction to Origin Performance LLC - This includes but not restricted to all past and present athletes social media, website use of past or present photographs performance results, racing and training data for use by Origin Performance LLC for past present and future publication for a period of 3 years after termination of coaching contract.

I acknowledge and agree  that all programs and training plans remain the sole intellectual property of Origin Performance LLC and at the end of any training or coaching relationship. That intellectual property if Origin Performance is the name denoted as 'coach paid' on the athletes training peaks account will have work out summaries and workout or training details removed but the athletes downloaded data to the training peaks will remain with the athlete's account.

I intend that this document act as the broadest and most inclusive assumption of risk, waiver, release

of liability, agreement not to sue and indemnity as is permitted by the laws of the State of Colorado. If

any portion of it is held to be invalid, I agree that the rest of it shall continue in full force and effect. The

singular of nouns and pronouns in this document includes the plural and the plural includes the

singular. I agree that this agreement was made in Colorado and that the laws of the State of Colorado

shall govern its interpretation and enforcement.

Experience, rosters (past and present) awards and results reflect historical fact. This information reflects present and previous results, experience, and awards that ORIGIN Performance, it's coaches, officers and service providers have attributed too. 

This does not form any official endorsement from our athletes past or present. It is a reflection of the facts. 

All awards, experience and results are a result of repeated successes with multiple athletes and does not reflect any one individual or experience. 

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